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John Mikulsky

Member of the Strategic Advisory Council

John Mikulsky is an independent director of GigCapital and a Technical Advisor to GigFounders.  Throughout his career, Mr.  Mikulsky  has  led  the  commercialization  of  numerous products  spanning  multiple  industries  including  aerospace, automotive electronics,    analytical    chemistry,    telecom infrastructure,   RF   electronics, defense electronics and semiconductors. The hallmark of his career has been leading teams    to    take    nascent    product    concepts    from    the development phase to become “articles of commerce” generating significant revenues and he continues these efforts as a consultant to early stage venture backed companies. Mr. Mikulsky began  his  career  at  Raychem  where  he  held  increasingly  responsible  positions  including  Field Sales  Engineer,  Marketing  Manager,  Division  Technical  Director  and  Division  Manager.  After Raychem,   he   joined   Balazs   Labs,   a   private   company   offering   analytical   services   to   the semiconductor and HDD industries. At Balazs, he developed and patented specialized analytical processes   and   equipment.   Later,   he   joined   Endgate,   a   venture-backed   company   in   the millimeter wave radio space. At Endgate, he was part of the senior team that merged Endgate with  a  division  of  TRW  to  form  Endwave,  executed  a  successful  IPO  and  grew  the  company, both organically  and  through  multiple  M&A  transactions.  At Endwave, he held positions of VP of Engineering, Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development, Chief Operating Officer, President and CEO. Of note is his leadership of Endwave’s M&A activities that included several strategic transactions. 

Mr.  Mikulsky holds a BSEE from Marquette University, an MSEE from Stanford University and an SM in Management from the Sloan School of MIT.