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Who We Are

GigFounders, LLC (www.GigFoundersGlobal.com and www.GigFG.com) is an “all stage” technology investment firm based in Palo Alto, California. Our members have been associated in different configurations for more than 20 years as technology entrepreneur executives driven by the passion for building enterprises that combine exceptional innovation and excellent execution to create valuable enterprises based on differentiating cutting-edge technologies, provide enjoyable and safe workplaces for employees and generate meaningful financial value for all stakeholders.

The Founders believe in supporting founders and entrepreneurs, inspiring teamwork, enhancing management empowerment and delegation, and that success is achieved by exercising a balanced-mix of soft-values, fun, detailed planning and solid innovative ideas and business acumen, all in an environment of unquestioned ethical practices, dignity, respect and foremost equality. All of us are seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, innovators in various technology sectors, and strategic thinkers with cross disciplines bandwidth. We have been executives in large corporations, founders of companies, serial entrepreneurs and investors in technology companies. We have operated in domestic and international arenas, incepted companies, raised funds in the private and public capital markets, taken companies public, executed mergers and acquisitions, sold companies, purchased companies, carved out businesses and created joint-ventures, generated meaningful value to our customers and partners and significant financial rewards for both our team members and investors.

We have built our team to include deep, global expertise in technology innovation, financial management and business execution focusing on the various sectors of the technology-media-telecom (TMT) industry. We believe that modern, sustainable, intelligent, information technology infrastructure is defined by advanced networking hardware that supports virtual, software-based applications which allows the most efficient real-time flow of information at the highest speed and best information streaming quality possible. The range of these applications is supported by differentiating technologies in software and AI, cyber and security, IT and internet services, cloud management, communications infrastructure, telecom services, networking equipment, media and video streaming, industrial technology, and the “internet-of-things”.

GigFounders believe that innovation is the greatest enabler of competitive advantage in TMT, and thus we are committed to partner with and support strong management teams that are focused on capitalizing on their unique, differentiated technology to grow their enterprises on a global basis.


Predominantly in the TMT areas of Software, Semiconductors, Digital Media, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Services, Telecom Services and Infrastructure, Cloud Management and related technologies.